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Riese & Others

Advisory and Investment

About Riese & Others

We founded Riese & Others in 1998 to provide strategic consulting, board and advisory services to enterprises globally and to provide a vehicle for our investments in early and growth stage companies.

We learned, quite rapidly, that our true passion was in developing deep and ongoing relationships with the management teams of companies we are passionate about, and invest our time and energy, and from time to time our money, in those companies.

Today, through Riese & Others, we have built two independent portfolios where our individual engagements focus on board or advisory work and serving as a mentors to the CEO and their management team.  We ask and prefer to be rewarded through equity grants, aligning our interests with shareholders. As active investors, we sometimes provide funding to these companies alongside angel, seed, venture capital and private equity firms. From time to time we make passive investments in companies where we have no active engagement. 

We also, occasionally,  return to working together on a mutually interesting  strategic problem for companies outside our portfolios. 

                           Tracey Riese                                                                                                                  Phillip Riese

Engagement Criteria:
Our engagement and investment is based on the following:


Since these are long-term, ongoing engagements, we seek out companies that are solving interesting problems where we feel a passionate personal interest and commitment


We expect the company to have a positive and beneficial impact on the market and environment


We look for companies where we can add strategic and operational value, and where the CEO and executive team will seek our input


We want to work with outstanding executive teams and boards that are truly enjoyable to work with.


As our personal ethics are important for us, the companies and teams must operate at the highest ethical levels and do good.


At the end of the day, we are looking for returns for our investments of time and money, and the company must have a differentiated product, a large addressable market, a defensible moat, and the potential for growth and high returns to shareholders.

More about us and our
Personal Engagement and Investment Focus


Early and venture stage Enterprise Software, Marketing and Commerce Tech, and Ed Tech


Early and growth stage with a dominant but not exclusive focus on Fintech globally

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